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Constitution of Anti-Ragging Committee

Sri Shanmugha College of Nursing for Women is committed to maintaining a safe and conducive learning environment for all students. To uphold this commitment and prevent any instances of ragging, the following members have been appointed to the Anti-Ragging Committee:

Responsibilities of the Anti-Ragging Committee:

  • To promptly address and investigate any reports or complaints of ragging on campus.
  • To take appropriate action against individuals or groups found guilty of engaging in ragging activities.
  • To raise awareness about the harmful effects of ragging and promote a culture of respect and inclusivity among students.
  • To collaborate with campus authorities, faculty members, and student representatives to prevent and eliminate ragging incidents.

The Anti-Ragging Committee at Sri Shanmugha College of Nursing for Women is committed to creating a safe and supportive environment where all students can thrive academically and personally, free from the threat of ragging or any form of harassment.

Anti Ragging Committee List Of Members

1 Dr.Sheelavathi.N Committee Chairman
2 Mrs.Gayathri. N.S Member
3 Mrs.Shankari.D Member
4 Mrs.Divya.K Member
5 Mrs.Swathika.R Member
6 Mrs.Shobana.R Member
7 Ms.Nithya Member
8 Mrs.Kalaiselvi Member
9 Ms.Arpudhayazhini.ES Others
10 Ms.Panimalar.C Others